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Learning Has No Bounds

Higher Performance Jiu Jitsu is an academy grounded in encouragement, self-discipline, & camaraderie for all. Building champions on and off the mats. 

Founded in 2018, Higher Performance Jiu Jitsu has quickly grown to over 50 dedicated students with numbers increasing daily. We are a member of the prestigious Soul Fighters Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association - training and competing alongside legends like Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes, Bruno "Tank" Mendes, Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa, Joao Gabriel Rocha, Marcus Antelante, and many more.  Soul Fighters BJJ has strengthened it's numbers throughout the world and we are happy to be a part of such a supportive and competitive team. 

"We rise by lifting others" - Robert Ingersoll

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